IGNITING and EMPOWERING women with tools, strategies, and an unshakable mindset... 

Live Out Loud IGNITE

Increase your influence in 2021 and IGNITE a fire in your business & faith.

I've been an Entrepreneur for over 20 years.

And I've mentored hundreds of other women Entrepreneurs and assisted them in creating their own thriving businesses...

Yet, I've always noted a pattern. 

It's often just as much about the Entrepreneurial Mindset as the business strategy. 

... and the truth is that despite success. 

At Times I Struggled Too 

It's hard not to look to the left and right & compare what you're doing to everyone else on social media.  

 And before you know it... 

You're left questioning what you have to offer, your strategy, and maybe even your ability.

But I noted a pattern that altered not only my journey but the lives of the incredibly, powerful women I serve: 

1. Everyone needs a mentor. Someone to hold you accountable and call you higher so you can rise as a leader. 

2. The more you know who you serve, the more you show up, the more you take consistent action... the quieter the outside noise becomes. 

3. What you speak is what you live. Are you a leader? Speak it. Are you a woman of faith? Speak It. Are you a thriving business owner? Speak it. 

Igniting Next Level Leaders...

What would happen if... 

  • You plugged into a leader who empowered you to take consistent action... 
  • ​You became incredibly clear on who you want to serve and how...
  • You took action towards your goals while in community with women who want to see you win...

What would happen if... IGNITE was EXACTLY what you needed to succeed. 

For the first time EVER...

We are offering our signature LeadHERShip Academy... PLUS an opportunity to work with Brooke inside a monthly faith & business connection call... 

For less than your monthly internet bill and Starbucks you can....

Set goals, map out a plan to reach them, and connect with a Faith Based Business Coach who... 

is dedicated to bringing like minded hearts TOGETHER 

...AND is equally passionate about equipping them with the Mindset they need to


You were born with a unique set of gifts and talents & there is NOT another women on earth just like you...  


Hello, I'm Brooke Thomas...

Faith Based Membership For Women Entrepreneurs: 

>> Once a month LeadHERShip connection call on Zoom to IGNITE your Business (Valued $1500)

Brooke will personally pour into you, so you can put what you learn into action while building next level faith and an unshakeable mindset.

>> Daily Text Messages (Monday - Friday): 

Every morning Brooke will send you Daily Activators to IGNITE faith in your business! Just when you need it most Brooke will pop into your inbox to empower you and lead you to action, so you can make real change every morning!
BONUS #1: LeadHERShip Academy: (Valued $997)

6 Module Course designed to help you connect to the leader within and start creating the life you've dreamed of. 

BONUS #2: Access the Live Out Loud Worship Playlist

Begin your journey inside Live Out Loud Ignite today for only $97...

Who is Live Out Loud Ignite for?

This IS for the person WHO... 

  • Doesn't always feel confident speaking in front of others... 
  • Is missing the income to pursue their passion projects...
  • Wants to accelerate their business and take real action towards reaching their goals...
  • ​Needs help creating a brand so they can take their business to the next level...
  • ​Knows they're being called to more but doesn't know where to start...

This is NOT for the person who...

  • Is focused more on competition than community and is unwilling to support other women.  
  • ​Wants to allow fear to continue to hold them back.
  • Who wants to try and do life and business alone.
  • ​Isn't willing to trust the process and take real action towards reaching their goals
  • ​ Believes FAITH is unimportant. 

Here's what others have to say about working with Brooke...

They said, “Business and faith, they don’t mix”. I am so grateful that I listened to my heart when God opened an opportunity for me to work with Brooke. A faith filled business mentor DOES make a difference, and it has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of God’s promises. Working with Brooke helped me realize that generating more in business allows me to be more generous. I’m stepping into spaces and opportunities I once believed were for others, but not for me. It’s so clear that I want to be for other women, who you have been for me. Thank you so much, Brooke
Having a faith based coach like Brooke Thomas has radically changed the trajectory of my business and my ability to lead for the better. Brooke has reinforced in me what I have always known in my heart and spirit, that when we allow God to lead in any area of our life, the sky is the limit
Working with a faith based business coach has been a breath of fresh air. It has brought me back to the very reason I even show up as a leader and want to serve the world. Its brought me personal freedom to live
My faith out loud. Which has empowered the way i work with others and caused personal and professional growth through the grid of God’s word
One of the best things I’ve learned from working with Brooke is to always choose faith over fear. I worked with Brooke to relaunch my brand after grieving a major loss. During the grieving process, I experienced a lot of fear. Fear of WHAT COULD HAPPEN. Fear of the result of WHAT HAD HAPPENED. Brooke reminded me that we were not created with the spirit of fear but in the spirit of power. It’s been such a refreshing experience working with her
Brooke is truly one of a kind. She has an innate gift for seeing you, for who you were created to be. Her magnetism, energy, and dynamic nature empowers you to open doors, dive in, and build a life you always dreamed. It’s this magnetism that draws and expands her incredible heart centered community that women flock to. If you are ready to level up in business and life THIS is where you need to be. Get ready for massive growth!
From the very first session where you craft your vision and speak it out loud, it rattled something very deep inside of me. Not only could I not answer the questions, but I found I couldn't sleep for days. Finally a voice/thought bubbled up from inside of me that said, "if you enjoy it, it will disappear". 

Already working with my therapist about my divorce and career change, she was finally able to get at the main thing we had been circling for almost 2 years. In a nutshell, I had never acknowledged verbal abuse and neglect in my childhood which taught me that I was not worthy of success, money was bad, and no one wanted to hear what I had to say. It also reinforced my belief that I wasn't good enough and every good thing comes to an end.
This workshop series unearthed this major block that was truly keeping me from my own success. 

As a former excellent employee that worked extremely hard for other peoples gains, I needed to learn how to be an entrepreneur and work for MY success! The exercises and conversation allowed me to unwrap it all, give it a name, throw it away and start from the beginning, rewriting my own story that matches my goals and the current path I am on.

I realize now, that this process unearthed my past and kick started my future. I had no chance of my own true success until I rewrote the story and for this I am truly grateful!
Working with Brooke Thomas has been the most life changing choice I have made in my professional and personal life to date. She not only has taught me how to up level my business, but she has shown me how to up level my relationships, my finances, my life, and my faith. Brooke is faithful, joyful, and encouraging. She creates the most valuable experiences while forcing you too level up in ALL areas! 
Brooke Thomas is an outstanding leader! I love the way that she stands firm in her faith and who she authentically is. Her leadership academy confirmed that I am on the right track in my business. She gave me the confidence to stay true to who I am and what I believe to be true while being open to learning new strategies! I am honored to have the privilege of working with Brooke! Her positive vibes will light up any room! 

Become the leader you want to be...

    Who's pouring into you? 

I've helped  1000's of women overcome obstacles that have been holding them back for years? 
And I've been able to accomplish this because...


FAITH in your GIFTS and GOD is Imperative. 

BUT Most Importantly I'm Walking In My Purpose


You're likely stuck because of a combination of the following...

You know you're being called to more but you're not 100% sure what that looks like.

You're overwhelmed by the noise of social media and compare yourself to others.

You're a leader who constantly pours into others but does not have anyone to pour into you. 

You just need someone to hold you accountable and a plan that enables you to map out attainable short term goals, so long term goals aren't so far out of reach... 

Live Out Loud Ignite can help you:

Create a brand that you can stand behind proudly. 

Trust the process so you can develop know, like, and trust with your people.

Rely on your FAITH so you don't have to carry the weight of your life and business entirely on your shoulders.

By providing support throughout your journey that will ensure you have the accountability you need to excel. 


#1 - Monthly LeadHERShip Call (Valued $1500)

 Once a month LeadHERShip connection call to IGNITE your business & call you higher
>> This will be our membership group call where you will connect with other incredible women like you!

#2 - Daily Faith Activators via Text Message

Just when you need it most Brooke will pop into YOUR inbox with scripture, encouragement and calls to action Monday through Friday!
>> Brooke is known for speaking life into women and empowering them. Allow her to lead you to action and hold you accountable, so you can make real change every morning. 

Bonus #1 - LeadHERShip Academy: (Valued $997)

 6 Module Video Course With Digitals Workbooks  
>> Brooke will guide you through all the inside secrets, habits, and guiding principals she used to create multiple 7-figure business. Get clarity, vision, and endless inspiration. 

Bonus #2 - Live Out Loud Worship Playlist

All of Brooke's favorite worship songs in one place! 

Join today for just $97 a month, so can ignite the fire within you...

Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I have the right to cancel at anytime?

Yes, if you decide you do not want to continue you can cancel your membership, and you will not be charged for the next month. 

Do I have lifetime access to the LeadHERShip Academy?

Absolutely, when you join Live Out Loud Ignite we give you Lifetime access to The LeadHERShip Academy. You will receive a personal login, so you can access the course and all the worksheets.  

When & How will I receive my Daily Activators?

I will send your Daily Activators via text message Monday through Friday in the morning!

Can you tell me more about the Bonus LeadHERShip call? 

We'd love too! Brooke will meet you where you are in your business and share her perspective and experience building multiple 7-figure business. Be prepared to take notes. She will call you out and hold you accountable. 

What's the cost of not taking action...

   What happens if I wait?

   I'm not here to breed fear. In reality, if you wait, you'll likely be where you are today, tomorrow.

BUT... if you're ready to build to the next level in your life and business:

If you're ready to develop a mindset, rooted in faith, that fuels your drive and success.

If you're ready to quiet the noise, so you can stop comparing your journey to others. 

If you're ready to throw fear into the fire and IGNITE the passion in your heart...

Well, then... the wait is going to be PAINFULLY SLOW. 

That's why I put together this Membership. I wanted everyone to have the tools they needed as well as access to strategies & accountability at a price they could afford. 

You were born with and for a PURPOSE. 

I encourage you to take bold action today by making a commitment to yourself to step into your gifts. 

Take action. 

Map out your short and long term goals inside The LeadHERShip Academy. Plug into a community of like minded women. Plug into a next level Faith Based Business Coach who will hold you accountable, so you can achieve what you never thought possible. 
   My very best, 


Make The Decision Today

I can't wait to align with YOU and YOUR vision!

Don't waste another moment thinking about it. Make the decision and take ACTION.